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Wuxi Huizhenhai Trading Co., Ltd. is a prominent player in the piping engineering industry, dedicated to establishing itself as an eco-conscious brand for the development of new cities across China. Our headquarters are situated in Room 505, Jiazhaoye Plaza, on Renmin East Road in Jiangyin City. With a strong focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, we strive to contribute to the construction of modern, environmentally-friendly urban landscapes in China and beyond.

Excellent R&D Team

Our leading manufacturer in the field of piping engineering utilizes advanced technology and equipment to develop innovative solutions and remain competitive in the industry. With patented technologies such as nanocrystalline film preparation methods and advanced production equipment imported from Rexroth, Germany, we ensure high-quality manufacturing and efficient production processes. Our independent laboratories and specialized quality inspectors ensure the quality of our products, while our R&D capabilities enable us to make continuous improvements to meet the changing needs of our customers.

About Our Factory

Our factory in the building materials industry each spans over 50000㎡, providing ample space for efficient production processes. We prioritize quality and have robust inspection capabilities to ensure top-notch products. With advanced production equipment, we maintain high production efficiency, meeting customer demands promptly. Our factory has a commendable production capacity, enabling us to deliver large volumes without compromising on quality.If you need a large number of products, we can make several factories work together to produce the products you need.

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