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Wuxi Huizhenhai Trading Co., Ltd. is a reputable company in the building materials industry, offering a wide range of high-grade pipe and welder products to meet diverse customer needs. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we provide excellent service and support, along with customization options, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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About Us

Wuxi Huizhenhai Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of pipe construction. Our main products include pipes and welding machines. We responsibly select quality domestic manufacturers, of which self-developed products set us apart from the competition in the industry. Focusing on product quality and supply chain management, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality piping and welding machine products. The company partners with quality domestic manufacturers and continuously improves its competitiveness through self-developed products to ensure that it stands out in the industry.

Some of our pipes and manhole cover models use carbon fiber resin steel, or add modified anhydrous phosphogypsum on the basis of original materials such as PE and PVC, turning waste into treasure! In the same way, our disposable recyclable meal boxes are also made from waste. The raw material is sugarcane bagasse, which is recycled into cardboard shells made from bagasse paste and meets food safety standards. Our factory has also developed a series of composite elastomer material products, high-performance coating and repair material series products, etc. Plastic-coated composite steel pipes have been used in key national projects such as the South-to-North Water Diversion Project of China's Centenary Plan, the Beijing Bird's Nest Project, and the Yellow River Diversion Project! Of course, if you lack a pipe welding machine or need the services of a welding technician, we sell them too.
Because the factories we selected are those we have traveled to various provinces in China to conduct on-site inspections and conduct high-quality evaluations of their products. Therefore, we have factories we cooperate with all over China. The distance between each factory may be near or far. If If you want to come for an on-site inspection to observe the products and workshops, please contact us 1-2 weeks in advance, and we will have specialized personnel to take you with us!
First of all, most of our products are listed in the Business column, and the prices will vary depending on the quantity you need. So! When you see a product you like, just "Ask for Quote". Secondly, because it is the peak transportation season, the price of sea freight changes every week. We cannot give you an exact product transportation cost, so we prefer FOB transportation to ensure that the transaction between both parties is more efficient. Of course, if you have a different proposal , please discuss with us.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers choose us because we offer top-notch quality products and services, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. We have a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, and we always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

High Quality
High Quality
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Our customer service and after-sales support ensure quick problem-solving and customer satisfaction.
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing
Competitive prices consistently offer exceptional value to customers.
 Wide Selection
Wide Selection
We provide a diverse selection of products at different price points to cater to all budgets.

Our Service

  • Private Customized Service

    We provide private customization services for the pipeline engineering industry, offering customized production solutions for various situations such as large-scale water conservancy projects, oil and gas pipelines, heat pipe networks, sewage treatment, agricultural water-saving irrigation, and urban water supply and drainage projects.Our expertise ensures high-quality production and timely delivery to meet your specific requirements.

  • OEM/ODM Service

    We provide OEM/ODM services to the pipe engineering industry with customized manufacturing solutions for various types of plastic pipes, welders and other products in a wide range of scenarios. Our expertise ensures high quality production and timely delivery to meet your specific requirements.

    We can offer you customized design, production and branding solutions. Enhance your products with our expertise in materials, surface treatment and construction techniques. We can also provide superior and innovative solutions for your urban eco-product needs.

  • Wholesale Service and One-Stop Solution

    We provide comprehensive wholesale services and one-stop solutions for the plumbing industry. We guarantee the following 1. high quality 2. reasonable price 3. perfect supply chain 4. professional customer service. Our after-sales service will bring you a perfect experience in piping engineering industry.

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