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  • Anti carbon fiber resin steel grating cover 450x750x70

    Wuxi Huizhenhai Trade Co., Ltd. is a leading player in the building materials industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we offer a wide range of high-grade products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From construction materials to interior finishes, our extensive product line caters to various building projects.

    Product Specifications

    Size 400*600*60mm,420*720*60mm,450*750*70mm,  430*825*140mm, 240*815*40mm, etc.
    Load capacity Single point loads range from 0.5 tons to 24 tons
    Scope of application Main roads for vehicles under 80 tons, green belts, sidewalk and tree surrounds

    Prevent manhole cover from settling 2 Prevent manhole cover from bouncing 3 Prevent manhole cover from abnormal noise 4 Prevent water backflow 5 Prevent people and objects from falling
    Carbon fiber tree steel (five-proof) manhole cover is a new generation of manhole cover patented product independently developed by Guicheng Group. This product is manufactured by Composed of carbon fiber, glass fiber and unsaturated resin, with built-in steel frame, the strength and function of the manhole cover are far ahead of traditional ones.
    Various functions of traditional cement manhole covers, ordinary composite manhole covers and cast iron manhole covers.

    Product Features

    • Anti carbon fiber resin steel grating cover
    • Size: 450x750x70
    • Easy extraction of core without expansion
    • Durable and resistant to carbon fiber
    • Provides secure and reliable covering

    Application of Anti carbon fiber resin steel grating cover 450x750x70

    • Provides protection and safety by covering steel grating structures
    • Constructed with anti carbon fiber resin material for enhanced durability
    • Measurements of 450x750x70 ensure a perfect fit for various applications
    • Offers resistance against corrosion, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions
    • Suitable for industrial facilities, walkways, platforms, and drainage systems

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