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  • PP-R fittings for hot and cold water

    Wuxi Huizhenhai Trade Co., Ltd. is a leading player in the building materials industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we offer a wide range of high-grade products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From construction materials to interior finishes, our extensive product line caters to various building projects.

    • Material: Random Polypropylene with copper core
    • Polypropylene (PP-R) pipe fittings for hot and cold water include the following:Equal diameter straight, reducer straight, equal diameter tee, reducer tee, equal diameter 90 ° elbow, reducer elbow, inner tooth straight, equal diameter 45 ° elbow, elbow with foot, duplex elbow, bridging pipe, external tooth straight, internal tooth tee, internal tooth live, internal tooth elbow, shut-off valves, plastic thermal fusion ball valves, external tooth tee, external tooth live, external tooth elbow, double activated copper ball valves, double activated ball valves, thermal fusion plugs, plastic live. Equal diameter tee, flange (including gasket), thermal fusion, metal clips, adjustable pipe clips, wire plugs, U-type pipe clips, scissor pliers.

    Product Description

    Introducing our premium PP-R fittings for hot and cold water, specifically designed for the building materials industry. These fittings offer exceptional features, including high durability, corrosion resistance, and easy installation. With a wide range of applications, they are perfect for residential and commercial projects. The fittings ensure a reliable water flow, effectively regulating temperature and maintaining water quality. Enjoy the advantages of our top-quality PP-R fittings, making your water system safe and efficient.

    Product Features

    • PP-R fittings designed specifically for hot and cold water systems
    • Highly durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance
    • Easy and convenient installation, saving time and effort
    • Provides a secure and leak-proof connection, ensuring efficient water flow
    • Suitable for both residential and commercial applications

    Application of PP-R fittings for hot and cold water

    • Designed for use with hot and cold water systems
    • PP-R fittings ensure reliable and efficient water flow
    • Perfect for residential and commercial plumbing installations
    • High-quality materials provide long-lasting durability
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Compatible with various piping systems
    • Ensures safe and clean water supply
    • Resistant to corrosion and chemical damage
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
    • Provides leak-proof connections for a hassle-free plumbing experience

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